Steadfast Provider

Steadfast Provider – Rock in the Storm – Faithful Father Series

This is post 8 of 8 in the series “Faithful Father” As a father we provide for our children in many ways. It is east to think, ‘Well they have a roof over their head, food in their belly, and clothes on their bodies. I’m doing alright.’ and to a certain extent that is true but the logic is flawed. We provide more than tangible things for our children and… Read More »Steadfast Provider – Rock in the Storm – Faithful Father Series

Leading and Prayer

Loving and Leading – A Compassionate Leader – Faithful Father Series

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This is post 5 of 8 in the series “Faithful Father” Leadership is a subjective skill because the base definition of it leaves it as an open-ended trait. Men can posses the ability to lead people in different ways. God has a way of raising up people to lead that others simply never expected. Every married man has a command from God to be leading his family spiritually. We must… Read More »Loving and Leading – A Compassionate Leader – Faithful Father Series

Walking the Walk

Walking the Walk – Living Like Christ – Faithful Father Series

This is post 3 of 8 in the series “Faithful Father” You talk the talk but are you walking the walk? It is an age old idiom and as we continue the Faithful Father series we need to move beyond simply talking about God and the work Jesus did to acting upon those words. Our children learn so much from us at home because they spend so much time with… Read More »Walking the Walk – Living Like Christ – Faithful Father Series

Faithful Father

Faithful Father Series: Introduction

This is post 1 of 8 in the series “Faithful Father” There are no more terrifying roles in a man’s life than those of husband and father. I mean let’s be honest, we can really make life difficult for the ones closest to us if we do not guard ourselves against the enemy. In fact, we can make their life suck by not being a faithful father and devoted husband.… Read More »Faithful Father Series: Introduction


Men to Know: Barak

Sometimes I find it helpful to reiterate why Men to Know focuses on uncommon men. We get so lost in the men we commonly associate with the Bible. Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon, and the Apostles. The exception to that of course is Jesus Christ because his life was without blemish where other men have failed. He is an uncommon man in every good sense of the word. Not to diminish that I have to ask what about Barak? Barak who? No, I do not mean our current President Barack Obama but Barak from the Old Testament. Barak appears in the Book of Judges because, well, he was a judge. God put him there for us to learn from him, a man of faith.

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Men to Know: Asaph

Men to Know: Asaph

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I’ve thought about the future a lot lately. I am a planner, so that is part of my nature but what about the things I can not plan for? What can I do that will be effective after I am gone? These kinds of questions have been heavy on my mind because I am now married and the responsibility of the children I am raising, the bride I am honoring are in my thoughts. The legacy I want to leave is one that places God first and the glory to Him with no question. So what does this man Asaph have to do with that? He accomplished what I want to.

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Good Host Diotrephes

Men to Know: Diotrephes

This is post 2 of 7 in the series “Men to Know” Diotrephes, that is not a name that rings a bell. It didn’t for me anyway. I’m not a learned scholar of God’s word but I do the best I can to learn more so when I read about Diotrephes I just kind of had a “huh, interesting” moment. You can read about Diotrephes in 3 John 1:9-11, yep… Read More »Men to Know: Diotrephes


Men to Know: Joash

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This is post 1 of 7 in the series “Men to Know” Charisma is a dangerous thing, not only for the person who exudes it but also for the individual who soaks up that energy. I wonder, how many men live their religion vicariously through someone else. It’s easy to do; I’m guilty of it. We get wrapped up in the charisma of someone we see as a model of… Read More »Men to Know: Joash

Teaching Forgiveness

Teaching Forgiveness

Bearing with one another and, if one has a complaint against another, forgiving each other; as the Lord has forgiven you, so you also must forgive. – Colossians 3:13 Kids ask the darnedest things. Sometimes I don’t even know how to answer them in a kid like manner. I was talking to Bethany about that on the way home from a coffee run to Dunkin’ Donuts. While we were driving… Read More »Teaching Forgiveness