Our Logo

Our Logo

We take care to every thing we do and in what we present to others because it is a direct reflection of our desire to represent God. Whether we around friends and family or in the company of strangers our actions show people how our heart is facing. The same is true in the design of a logo that represents a ministry, movement, company etc.

I took great care when I considered this in the design of our logo because I want it to represent God in a multi-facet way. Something that when it click your mind is amused but appreciative of how things are wove together.


The human psyche responds to colors in a number of ways and designers spend a lot of time looking at the colors they use based on the emotions they want to evoke. I chose brown because that color evokes many emotions but also symbolizes exactly what man was created from. The earth is brown, we are made from the dust of the earth (Genesis 2:7).

Brown is also considered wholesome, elegant, grounding and warm. It symbolizes honesty and security and reliability.

All of these things are what Just Hold Fast represents. A God-centered desire to help men find stability in their faith, in themselves and their lives.

Symbols Within Symbols

If you look at our logo the JHF is there and easily discerned. It is not the only symbols that we have purposefully pit into the design.

jhf logo cross

The most important symbol of Christianity is the cross. It is the tree Christ was killed with and we have taken it and made it our own. Not signifying death but the crime upon Christ that he overcame.



jhf logo shepherd


Christ is our Shepherd (Hebrews 13:20) and the F is the common image of what a shepherds staff looks like.




In The Ups and Downs

Are you familiar with ambigrams? An ambigram is a word that retains meaning when viewed from a different perspective. The word ‘Dad’ when read forward or backwards is still ‘Dad’ and retains it’s meaning. This can come in text or art.

If you rotate the JHF logo upside down, it still reads JHF. This is intentional by design. God is good in the ups and downs is an often cited phrase and that is what we want men who visit us to believe. God, regardless of where we are and what we are doing is good. His plans and the trials we face are for a purpose