The Importance of Devotionals and a Challenge

Importance of Devotionals

Devotional is a word Christians know well. It is a way for us to pursue God outside of church and the extra activities that most churches may provide. It is something that can be personal or shared. Doing devotionals with your spouse allows you to communicate with your spouse on a God-first basis and gives you a window in to their personal relationship with Jesus. That exercise with your significant other is something I love to do because Bethany is sharing with me and that alone is priceless. In groups you build community and still get that look in to their relationship with our Savior. So devotionals are great but how are they important outside of the obvious reasons I’ve given?


Our knowledge of God’s word is never going to be complete because He is fathomless (Romans 11:33) but if we use devotionals often we store up (Psalms 119:11) this knowledge and it helps us stay on the good path. We know God more by immersing ourselves in His word and devoting our time to pleasing him.

Spiritual Readiness

As Christians we are charged with the golden rule (Matthew 7:12) which is so much easier said than done. This rule is often called the rule of reciprocity and is something you can find in cultures and religions the world over. It is part of the greatest commandment Christ gave us because it is what God was telling us to do before the new covenant (Deuteronomy 6:4-5) & (Leviticus 19:18) but we have a terrible way of not listening to God, don’t we? Daily devotionals help us listen to him and help prepare our spirit to act upon these commandments. The man on the street who is a drunkard. That one buddy who is struggling with thoughts of infidelity be they in pornography or from a woman at work.  Devotionals help prepare you to share your testimony with them to help them!

Spiritual Warfare

It could go without saying but even if we prepare our spirit for the helping of others it does little good if we cannot defend ourselves. How can you protect the family you love if you first cannot protect yourself? We need to be spiritual warriors to defend the family we are commanded to protect. We are told (Ephesians 6:12) quite directly that we are at war and within the same breath we are given the tools (Ephesians 6:13-18) and directions on how to defend ourselves. We can apply this defense to our families but raising them with the same weapons to defend themselves. We can arm brethren and strangers alike but to do so we need to keep those weapons and senses sharp, devotionals help us do that.

Devotionals Challenge

It’s pretty clear that devotionals have benefits that we may not consider normally unless we really look at their purpose. That is why I have a challenge. This challenge is for me because I’m going to do this publicly and if I fail I want anyone who reads this to hold me accountable.

I want to do a public daily devotional.

Every day from today, Easter Sunday until Easter Sunday in 2017 I will post the devotional and my thoughts on it, how it affects me, the things I learn. I want to invite you in to my heart and in to my journey with Jesus.

Will you come along and uplift me when the times turn tough or celebrate with me the times of joy? I hope so.

The Importance of Devotionals and a Challenge


Born and raised in Baltimore by his mother and father Scott has a passion for God and for his fellow man. He seeks to empower men to be men and more importantly to be Godly men.

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