Launching A Podcast

Launching A Podcast

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I was listening to a sermon that Tyler Drewitz from Ridgline Church in Salt Lake City, Utah was giving that sparked this idea. So I have to thank him for his message that day. Tyler I know from his time at Harvest Bible Chapel in Hickory, NC. He had served at the church there for a year before being called to SLC to help plant a church. I still listen… Read More »Launching A Podcast

2018 Reflection and Plans

New Year 2018 – Reflection and Goals

Just as I have for several years now I look back on 2017 and reflect then turn to 2018 with hope, with dreams and goals for my relationship with God, my family and with myself. This is inspired directly from the Bible since we are often hung up on the old in a detrimental way and I was determined to change that. Reflection of 2017 What I found was that… Read More »New Year 2018 – Reflection and Goals


Racism: Religion and Science Agree, It’s Wrong

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This is a bit of an armchair article so you are welcome to take it with a grain of salt, or a mountain. I can not in good conscience write for a site that believes 100% in God and all he is then ignore the injustice that has occurred in Charlottesville. I’ll approach this from a Biblical point of view and from a scientific one. I think that addressing both… Read More »Racism: Religion and Science Agree, It’s Wrong


Daily Devotional – Grow in Faith

This is post 26 of 64 in the series “Daily Devotional” Be diligent in these matters; give yourself wholly to them, so that everyone may see your progress. – 1 Timothy 4:15 If God has truly made an impact in your life because you have truthfully made the commitment to trust Jesus Christ as your savior then you will grow. To give the reference verse some back story, Paul is… Read More »Daily Devotional – Grow in Faith

God's Child

Daily Devotional – Child of God

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This is post 25 of 64 in the series “Daily Devotional” To be blessed with a child is the most precious gift next to our salvation that God bestows on us in this life. What do you love more than anything? For me it is my kids. I am not taking away from my love for God at all. I believe it is a different kind of love. You can’t… Read More »Daily Devotional – Child of God