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Leave a Church

It’s OK to Leave a Church…Sometimes

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This is a bit on the nose for my family and I at the moment since we are going through this decision to leave the church we have attended faithfully for 15 months. It is not something that we have taken lightly or out of anger (James 1:19-20). It is something that has lingered in our minds for months and has been discussed over and over with by my wife… Read More »It’s OK to Leave a Church…Sometimes

Walking the Walk

Walking the Walk – Living Like Christ – Faithful Father Series

This is post 3 of 8 in the series “Faithful Father” You talk the talk but are you walking the walk? It is an age old idiom and as we continue the Faithful Father series we need to move beyond simply talking about God and the work Jesus did to acting upon those words. Our children learn so much from us at home because they spend so much time with… Read More »Walking the Walk – Living Like Christ – Faithful Father Series

Faithful Father

Faithful Father Series: Introduction

This is post 1 of 8 in the series “Faithful Father” There are no more terrifying roles in a man’s life than those of husband and father. I mean let’s be honest, we can really make life difficult for the ones closest to us if we do not guard ourselves against the enemy. In fact, we can make their life suck by not being a faithful father and devoted husband.… Read More »Faithful Father Series: Introduction

Angry young girl

I Wish You Were Dead; Powerful Words From a Child

“I Wish You Were Dead.” – Ella It is one of those things you never expect your children to say. In fact, it is something they should never say at all. The wishing of the death of someone can be a tragic statement simply because it is an explicit evacuation of love. Imagine for a moment if that is how God felt towards us? The difference between our ability to… Read More »I Wish You Were Dead; Powerful Words From a Child


Men to Know: John Mark

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This is post 7 of 7 in the series “Men to Know” For the most part when I look at who I want to highlight in the Bible I look for uncommon men who provide an uncommon lesson that just makes sense when it clicks. Sometimes, like today I look at the life of a well known man from the Bible. In fact, how about someone who wrote Bible? How… Read More »Men to Know: John Mark


Men to Know: Jephthah – A Tragic Vow

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This is post 6 of 7 in the series “Men to Know” We are taking a look at another judge this time (last time was Barak and Deborah). This time we will have a look at Jephthah and his life as he was judge over Israel for six years. The history of Jephthah begins in Judges 10:6 and goes all the way to Judges 12:7 where he dies and is… Read More »Men to Know: Jephthah – A Tragic Vow

2016 Review

2016 in Review, 2017 a Path Forward

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2016 will go down in the annals of history… However, we write it. It does not have to be the worst year ever, and it may not be the best year the world has seen. Those terms are entirely relative and often personal. A friend may have had a terrible year in some aspects while having great things happen in other areas of life. We, us fragile humans are concerned with blips in our time here on earth and often they are the things that happened yesterday or a week ago or a month. How we review our year determines how we feel about the bounty we have reaped. It shows us what we consider abundant and what is meager. Those things ultimately set the tone for how we expect our year to go. Genuinely consider that sunny disposition and ask if that is a facade for society or will you decide that your year is a mess the 1st day of January when someone makes your coffee wrong?

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