Say What You Mean

Say What You Mean

Do not lie to each other, since you have taken off your old self with its practices
 – Colossians 3:9

This verse speaks for itself. If you have taken off your old self then a change has begun. It isn’t overnight and God doesn’t expect us to instantly become a completely different person. The Holy Spirit gets deep in side of you and starts helping you shovel all of that darkness from your heart. A little scoop at a time is really how it works. To believe that you get saved and you live just like Jesus did instantly is a myth. If you mean the words your have said then the next thing to do is step back and take a deep breath because a moment that defines you just happened. Seek those who love Jesus an they will support you. If you just say a few words and walk away thinking you’re ‘all good’ with God then you will be setting yourself up for spiritual failure.

Colossians 3:1-25 is all about how we should be living when Christ has redeemed us. I think that 3:9 is crucial because lying is the oldest deception we have in the Bible. Satan used the serpent as a means to an end. The lie was the misrepresentation of who was speaking to Eve. Of course this went downhill afterward and we all in some shape or form find ourselves telling lies regardless of how small or big they may be. I do it, I try very hard not to and usually restrict my tales to stories for my kids but I make sure they know the stories are not real. Saying words you think have saved you but continually living in no ways whatsoever doesn’t sound like redemption to me. I am not a judge, only the trinity can discern the true nature of our souls but meaning what you say and saying what you mean are important in securing that salvation.

Our marriages work like that too. Communication is the most important goal after ensuring God is first in your home. In many ways you must communicate better to put God first but if you have God in the home then you will have God in the heart.

Saying What You Mean

Jesus tells us this plainly in Matthew 5:33-37 where He is wrapping up speaking about oaths and how we should not make oaths based on Heaven or Earth for Heaven is God’s throne and the Earth His footstool. In v. 37 He says, “All you need say is simply ‘Yes’ or ‘No’; anything beyond this comes from the evil one.” This applies to us outside of just oaths. If you hear someone constantly saying ‘I swear to God’ or ‘God as my witness’ it’s usually because they have a tendency to lie or at least not tell the whole truth. As Christians we should say what we mean and do so in love. We should be saying what we mean with sincerity and truthfulness behind it because we should live as Jesus did. He did not lie, we should be striving to do that as well because if not the Holy Spirit is going to convict us and we are going to end up begging forgiveness from the Lord, provided we have that light in us and have not just said some prayer of rote that is supposed to affirm our salvation because we were told that it will save us. Words do not save your soul. Saying what you mean is about the consistency of your thoughts and the words you put forth. Both of which should be grounded in your faith.

Mean What You Say

Meaning what you say is to have a consistency with the words you put forth and the actions you then perform afterward. As an example, I hate to use Peter again but he is the one most familiar to people because he said he would not deny Jesus but he did anyway. He meant what he said at the time but when it came to fulfilling that obligation he fell flat. I try to be very careful but I fail in this on a personal level. Doing a devotional publicly for a year was more ambitious than I could handle but I am doing it as often as time allows. It isn’t that I can’t but I do have family obligations that have to be done before I can do this. God’s work is not put on a backseat because I feel that I am filling my role as the leader of my home by taking care of my family and doing my best to put God forth in all we do. I fail in that too sometimes but Jesus knows my weaknesses and I ask God for the strength to endure them without falling into a tailspin.

Final Thoughts

When we say things it should be wholeheartedly and again in love. When we say what we mean in truthfulness then we are doing as Christ instructed us to do. Say what you mean plainly and in honesty but without cruelty. Mean what you say by putting your heart into what you say so that love is communicated.  Do not say negative things to your wife because I promise you, she will remember that. Do not promise anyone things unless you intend to fulfill those promises because they will remember that you let them down. Our faith is rooted in the trust we have in Jesus that our salvation is secure. How can we expect people to have trust in our testimony if we are acting shakily in behavior?

Our relationship with God requires honesty in all things, trust in Him and the desire to continually communicate with him. Our spouse, our children, every person you meet deserves those same qualities because anything less takes away from the testimony God has given you.

Say What You Mean


Born and raised in Baltimore by his mother and father Scott has a passion for God and for his fellow man. He seeks to empower men to be men and more importantly to be Godly men.

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