Persevere in Faith

Persevere in Faith

The one who stands firm to the end will be saved – Matthew 24:13

Do you go to church on a Wednesday? Maybe depending on your denomination it is required and that’s okay. What about Sunday morning? Maybe back again in the evening? I grew up attending Grace Bible Baptist Church and would be there Wednesday and twice on Sundays. If you are in the Maryland area, it is worth the drive. It’s where I was saved, where I was baptized and obviously where I learned to love the Lord. It’s also one of the places I missed the most after I moved out of the city. I was still a kid then and it is in no way my parents fault but I stopped going to church. I was becoming more independent, I saw that I could work, make money and buy lots of stuff. I had lost the ability to persevere my faith. I didn’t have someone that was involved in church to look up to. I didn’t talk about God at school because no one else did. So I just stopped.

Failure to Persevere is a Slippery Slope

I didn’t stop believing in God. I never lost my faith in His existence or that Jesus died for every sin from beginning to the last. I just stopped pursuing a relationship with God because I was so young I didn’t understand how to foster a better relationship. I didn’t know how to persevere my faith. It’s something I failed in but understand better now. That comes with age and life experience of course. Sitting in church on a Sunday isn’t close to enough. It is good, it’s the easy stuff and there isn’t anything wrong with that but it also opens a soul to temptations. If you just attend to say you went to church are you really advancing your love for Christ? Maybe you are zoning out and not listening to the message when it is likely for you. God doesn’t stop knocking on the door to your soul even if you try to pretend He isn’t there.

Christianity is hard, don’t be fooled in to thinking it’s a few come to Jesus moments and you’re good. Life doesn’t just float on by when you are God’s child. That is why I want to encourage men to hold fast to their faith and persevere God because the rewards of Heaven make the fruits of life on Earth seem dead. Don’t just be a Sunday sitter, get involved, pray, love and seek God’s face. Persevere God because if we do hold fast to the relationship we have, no man can take the crown God has promised us (Revelation 3:11)

Persevere in Faith


Born and raised in Baltimore by his mother and father Scott has a passion for God and for his fellow man. He seeks to empower men to be men and more importantly to be Godly men.

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