Make Time to Talk

Make Time To Talk

Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone. – Colossians 4:6

I think that sometimes I come across as this hopefully happy and exuberant person but I’m not. I’m like you and I struggle. I fight with my spouse, I fight with my family and I even try to fight with God even though I know full well I can’t win that battle. A lot of times I have felt like Jacob who wrestled with the incarnation of God on the Jabbok river edge (Genesis 32:22-32). I have struggled with God and Jacob is proof that with just one touch God can transform you. Despite my desire to sometimes try to do things my way He puts me back where I belong in a kind way. He allows me to talk to him regardless of how terrible I may have been. I have to be honest, most of the time when I struggle with God, with myself, it’s because I’m not taking the time to talk to God.

Make Time to Talk with God

How great is it that we have a Father who is always ready to listen to us, no matter how trivial we may see it as, it is always the most interesting thing to Him when we do. Our relationship with God is very much like a marriage.Our connection to God means we must make a conscious effort to reach out to Him. Proverbs 15:8 tells us that our prayers are God’s delight! You glorify God by talking with Him, I can’t find a more simple and better reason to talk with God. We talk with our corporeal parents for guidance, does the Creator not deserve the same or better?

Make Time to Talk with Your Partner

We should be treating our spouses how God has treated us. If they are expressing something of interest we should listen. It’s something that is effervescent because life happens. Kids, work stress and bills. All of those can seem insurmountable. It becomes a struggle to survive instead of a home of love. Maybe life didn’t work out how you thought it should and maybe she complains too much. Maybe you don’t do all the things you did before because you feel downtrodden. Then you argue and fight until you don’t talk much anymore. I’m not in that place but I’ve seen couples go down that road. I’ve been on the inside watching the infidelity of more than one man and hurting for him and his family. God has no room for that behavior in marriage.¬† When we worship something above God we are doing the same thing.

Final Thoughts

This hits home for a lot of reasons but almost all of them are in a good way. It’s one of the strengths of the relationship that Bethany and I have built. Each day we talk, maybe not when the work day is on but when we are home. I’ll get the kids to bed and she will bathe. I come down the steps and shower in the hall bathroom. Then we talk, on the couch while I rub her feet. Sometimes my hands hurt and I’ll fuss a bit but I still do it. I like to talk and so I serve her by rubbing her feet and she serves my needs by talking with me. She enjoys talking too I promise! Still, it is something we make a conscious effort to do because it helps us unwind and appreciate what we have.

We talk about the day, wedding plans, God. Make time to say, “How was your day?” and leave the electronic devices in another room. When you are not distracted then you are really making time to talk to them. We should delight in their time just as God delights in our seeking time with Him.

Make Time to Talk


Born and raised in Baltimore by his mother and father Scott has a passion for God and for his fellow man. He seeks to empower men to be men and more importantly to be Godly men.

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