Daily Devotion – The Only Light

The Only Light

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows – James 1:17

Part of considering who God is to you is about seeing him as a beacon. He is the only light we need in those times when we are about to walk off the path and in to the darkness of sin. Even if we choose to step off the path He is there waiting to show us the way back (Psalm 119:105). There is an eternal struggle between good and evil and since the beginning they have been light and darkness. Before God chose to create the universe there was darkness but God said light should exist and it should defeat darkness and so it has for millennia now.

His Light in You

When we are truly saved, I say that meaning that salvation comes with a change of heart and is not just lip service to the Lord, He knows the difference. When that salvation happens you are imbued with a light that is meant to carry you through the times where your mind and heart are tempted to wander. Salvation gives you the desire to be better, not just for yourself or for your family but for God because no one wants to disappoint the Father. Satan wants us to fail, he whispers that it’s okay to do something because we will be forgiven. We should remember that the light chases the dark away. It’s true we will be forgiven but the spiritĀ God instills in you is prismatic.

His Prismatic Light

When you look at a prism you see pure light entering into a crystal and it is transformed into several colors. The prism is like a chrysalis in that what enters causes a change and that change reflects outward. The light God puts in you and me should be the same way! God wants us to show the world His light in every way. In fact Matthew 5:16 tells us exactly that. To not do so is like saying God’s word (The Bible) is not good enough for us. By using the light to affect others we display how His light not only changes us but can be used to reach everyone around us. There is a reason that people will say that they can see Jesus in them. I strive for that, I will not proclaim I am a Godly man in the sense of purity that is attached to that word but I do love God and want to show the prismatic light that He has gifted me with.

Final Thoughts

Satan wants us to distrust the light that God offers. He wants us to doubt Him and turn from Him. It’s because he hates the light. He was once in the presence of it and now he cannot be around it because of his own loss of purity. We have to trust God with all of our heart so that His light blazes inside and leaves no room for darkness. When we give our lives to Jesus we become an even more important piece in the war between God and the fallen. A doubting Christian is more dangerous than a lost soul. We represent God, we are His ambassadors in this life. Our weapon is the sword of the Spirit. That Spirit is pure light and with it we can deal terrible blows to Satan and his plans. God has given us the tools to not only survive but to win. Men, we are the General’s of God’s army here on Earth and that means we are charged with making sure our family is equipped to make those fights in God’s favor. Help your wife and children use the spirit in battle and you will become more equipped to do so yourself. It is how God works, we are built up by helping build others up. We only need one direction to follow and in turn lead those around us. He is that beacon and if we keep our gaze fixed on Him then Satan can never win.

Daily Devotion - The Only Light


Born and raised in Baltimore by his mother and father Scott has a passion for God and for his fellow man. He seeks to empower men to be men and more importantly to be Godly men.

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