Upcoming Server Maintenance

Hello Brethren!

The host I use to keep this site going (FlockHosting) has informed me that next Friday, March 17th, the server my site is hosted on will be migrating to new hardware. There may be about 30 minutes of downtime but fear not, we shall return! Or I shall…not sure why I say ‘we’ all the time.

What this means is new hardware that should provide snappier load times. JHF will get a pep in it’s step!

Seriously though, if you’ve thought about running a site but the cost scares you off FlockHosting is really affordable. $5/monthly nets you all kinds of goodies and will give a starter site plenty of room to grow. Chuck is very awesome at migrating if you have an existing site or just have a question to ask.

See you soon!

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Maintenance Completed: Check Us Out!

Mission Completed

Things seem to have gone smoothly. I am monitoring the site, checking for errors and doing small tweaks here and there.

So do you like our new look? It’s minimal, and the header is front and center. What we are, the inspiration for this work for God is on show. Going minimal isn’t easy, but it is beautiful. I hope you like it.

Our road to reconciliation with God is simple. Christ, by Him alone, we are saved, and it is my belief that even in the small details we can show the importance of God’s word. Above all the fancy things we can do on the internet, the words stand forth now, and that is with the intent to speak life.

Welcome to a new iteration, a new focus and a pure direction to love all and speak God’s words.

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