Living Testimony

Cultivating a Living Testimony

Living Testimony, we hear that all the time. At one point I wondered about the significance of those two words. They seem just two words that define themselves. You are alive and a testimony is a sworn statement. You have all you need for a living testimony. For a Christian is is much more than that because it is our proof of God’s change. It is how we show the… Read More »Cultivating a Living Testimony
Salvation is secondary

My Salvation Is Secondary

  • Scott 
Man, that’s deep already. I’m not going to apologize if that headline offends you. It should. It should also get your attention to the very serious nature of what I want to talk about. It’s been on my heart like an 800-pound Gorilla named Sparky. While talking with a friend we discussed a man’s primary duty as the leader of his home. After we talked I just had this consistent… Read More »My Salvation Is Secondary
Own Your Past

Owning Your Past to Move Forward

  • Scott 
Never fear your past. One of the things that I took in to consideration before I jumped wholly in to this journey that God put before me was that I needed to decide if I wanted to erase who I used to be over social media or to leave it. I chose to leave it and for good reason. To erase my past, who I presented myself as, and who… Read More »Owning Your Past to Move Forward