Men to Know: Jephthah – A Tragic Vow

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This is post 6 of 7 in the series “Men to Know” We are taking a look at another judge this time (last time was Barak and Deborah). This time we will have a look at Jephthah and his life as he was judge over Israel for six years. The history of Jephthah begins in Judges 10:6 and goes all the way to Judges 12:7 where he dies and is… Read More »Men to Know: Jephthah – A Tragic Vow
Mission Completed

Maintenance Completed: Check Us Out!

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Things seem to have gone smoothly. I am monitoring the site, checking for errors and doing small tweaks here and there. So do you like our new look? It’s minimal, and the header is front and center. What we are, the inspiration for this work for God is on show. Going minimal isn’t easy, but it is beautiful. I hope you like it. Our road to reconciliation with God is… Read More »Maintenance Completed: Check Us Out!


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Hello friends! We will be going down for maintenance today, hopefully only today. It’s time for a change of clothes and some increased speeds around here. We hope you like what we are doing. It’s all for God!
2016 Review

2016 in Review, 2017 a Path Forward

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2016 will go down in the annals of history… However, we write it. It does not have to be the worst year ever, and it may not be the best year the world has seen. Those terms are entirely relative and often personal. A friend may have had a terrible year in some aspects while having great things happen in other areas of life. We, us fragile humans are concerned with blips in our time here on earth and often they are the things that happened yesterday or a week ago or a month. How we review our year determines how we feel about the bounty we have reaped. It shows us what we consider abundant and what is meager. Those things ultimately set the tone for how we expect our year to go. Genuinely consider that sunny disposition and ask if that is a facade for society or will you decide that your year is a mess the 1st day of January when someone makes your coffee wrong?

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Keeping Christ in Christmas – He Never Left

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We often talk about ‘Keeping Christ in Christmas’ or ‘Putting Christ Back in Christmas’ or another catchy derivative of that. It’s easy to see why we use it. Every year like a bunch of idiots we run to stores looking for deals on items. It was after Thanksgiving and now it’s 6:00PM on Thanksgiving Day instead. So, do we get Little Timmy that toy and skip family time or are we good stewards and let God handle the availability of a gift and spend time with our family that is precious and finite. Those gifts will be there another day folks. Sure, maybe not at that price but they will be there. Saving $30 or family time, think about that.

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Moved In

All Moved In

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So we made it! All moved into our new digs on the internet. We will have a faster load time as well thanks to our new host Flock Hosting. I cannot express how smoothly this went and how communicative that Chuck is. My biggest complaints with the previous host were load times on a site that really shouldn’t be experiencing it. We are small and that is okay. At the… Read More »All Moved In

Site Migration and Updates

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Hello! We will be performing maintenance on the site soon. We will be migrating servers and moving to an entirely different hosting company. That said I want to highlight Flock Hosting, the company we are moving to because our decision is two-fold. One it is cost driven but the important reason is that it is a faith-based hosting company. They offer a lot for so little in costs. This allows… Read More »Site Migration and Updates

Men to Know: Barak

Sometimes I find it helpful to reiterate why Men to Know focuses on uncommon men. We get so lost in the men we commonly associate with the Bible. Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon, and the Apostles. The exception to that of course is Jesus Christ because his life was without blemish where other men have failed. He is an uncommon man in every good sense of the word. Not to diminish that I have to ask what about Barak? Barak who? No, I do not mean our current President Barack Obama but Barak from the Old Testament. Barak appears in the Book of Judges because, well, he was a judge. God put him there for us to learn from him, a man of faith.

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Election, Pride, and God’s Directions

Whew! That was an election of elections. I would be a terrible liar if I said I showed love during the last 18 months that the election cycle ran. Let me be blunt here, I was in no way acting like a Christian either. I don’t like the outcome of the election, I don’t like what has happened in our society and I’m ashamed of that, of my own actions. Terribly so. I thought people were stupid for their views; I sat gobsmacked listening to things that just didn’t align with what I thought was the right choice. In short, I was prideful.

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King Manasseh

Men to Know: Manasseh

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“I am not good enough.” – everyone at some time.

King Manasseh (2 Kings 21:1-18 and 2 Chronicles 33:1-20) is probably the most reviled if not the most wicked king that Judah ever had in the history of the tribe. This was a man who intentionally did undid all of his father’s (Hezekiah) work in removing idolatry in Judah. He rebuilt tore down altars and he created an Asherah as Ahab had done. He went beyond just that he began building altars to idols within the temple of the Lord. The place that God told David and Solomon would be where his name resided forever. Manasseh did some terrible things that even now my heart tightens at the thought of this but he sacrificed his own son by burning him.

I mean, can you draw the line any clearer that you hate God?

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