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We often talk about ‘Keeping Christ in Christmas’ or ‘Putting Christ Back in Christmas’ or another catchy derivative of that. It’s easy to see why we use it. Every year like a bunch of idiots we run to stores looking for deals on items. It was after Thanksgiving and now it’s 6:00PM on Thanksgiving Day instead. So, do we get Little Timmy that toy and skip family time or are we good stewards and let God handle the availability of a gift and spend time with our family that is precious and finite. Those gifts will be there another day folks. Sure, maybe not at that price but they will be there. Saving $30 or family time, think about that.

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All Moved In

Moved In

So we made it! All moved into our new digs on the internet. We will have a faster load time as well thanks to our new host Flock Hosting. I cannot express how smoothly this went and how communicative that Chuck is.

My biggest complaints with the previous host were load times on a site that really shouldn’t be experiencing it. We are small and that is okay. At the end of the day I want to do God’s work and how we grow is up to Him.


Security is an ever looming need for any site. The recent hacking of Yahoo that outed over 1 Billion users yes, with a B. This is a prime example of why we have made ourselves more secure. With the power of SSL, your information is now encrypted that you send across this site. As you can see in your browser there is a new green lock by our web address. This is something to be mindful of when you are sending out the information you do on any website.

We will go further and look into alternate ways to secure our site because security is a never ending challenge.

Now we are going to get comfy and hopefully churn out something by end of tomorrow or sooner!

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Site Migration and Updates

Hello! We will be performing maintenance on the site soon. We will be migrating servers and moving to an entirely different hosting company.

That said I want to highlight Flock Hosting, the company we are moving to because our decision is two-fold. One it is cost driven but the important reason is that it is a faith-based hosting company. They offer a lot for so little in costs. This allows us to keep this machine going and doing God’s work.

A bit of down time is in our future but there are other bigger things coming. Thank you for loving us!

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