Daily Devotional – Our Salvation

God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. – John 3:16

God knows the meaning of getting involved. He’s been involved with everything that has happened because he created earth, it’s waters, animals, plants and us. It is a hard idea to come to terms with for many people. This being who is all powerful, all knowing and always present has created us and knows all of history. He knew that Eve would disobey and that Adam would fall with her. As a parent we know that our children must fail and they must succeed on their own. What is the point of having children and not understanding the spontaneity they provide? An army of robots is not enjoyable. Knowing we would fail miserably God gave us the chance to earn our salvation. Have you ever allowed your child to accomplish something difficult because you knew they could do it with effort? That look on their face was magical when they found success. God wants that when it comes to our salvation.

God’s Involvement

Think about this for a moment. You have an employee who is always on time and always contributing to a meeting or email thread. They excel at their job and they look for ways to improve your business. That employee is fully involved in your company culture. They see that company as their work, family and their own business. God is like this but in so many ways more! He is there when you graduate Pre-K, elementary, middle, high school and college. He wants you to succeed in life and he is there when you’re having babies or burying loved ones. When you find joy over a child’s first steps or cry when a pet dies. He is fully involved in your life, ever detail he is aware (Hebrews 4:13). Our best and worst times are all accounted for. He knows when we succeed and celebrates that. He knows when we fail and is there to help us rise again. No employee is that dedicated.

Our Salvation = Getting Involved

If Jesus had never came where would we be? What if he had but he did not get involved with humanities struggles against the enemy? Thank God that did not happen. Instead He got involved with us and understood humanity from the human form. He died a physical death that He did not deserve and took with Him all of the sin that man had committed and would commit. We owe Him to get involved with others. Jesus didn’t shun the blind he healed them. He did not run from lepers and death. He confronted every difficulty and no matter how difficult it may have been he stayed involved and bled for our salvation. If you are a parent who is reading this, wouldn’t you do that for your kids? For any child? God isn’t selfish about who Jesus died for, He adopted all of us. We are eternally His children no matter our age, no matter our season.

Final Thoughts

Jesus paid a price we couldn’t ever come up with. Knowing that, knowing that it was God’s only Son, it isn’t hard to see how important our salvation is to God. Before Jesus man was damned. Didn’t matter who you were. God wanted to make us His once more but still give us the freedom of choice that He imbued in us. We, myself included since I’m just as guilty, have a tendency to not get involved with others who are hurting. It’s a fine situation that sometimes you’re going to stumble at, even with good intentions. Obviously forcing yourself in to someone’s life is not what I am talking about but it happens! If you know someone is hurting, reach out continually. Love on them even if they will only allow so from a distance. God works on hearts all the time and you never know when God is going to use your testimony to spark that fire in a dead heart.

Knowing all of this, how can you not get involved? It is impossible to not want to be.

Daily Devotional: Get Involved

Get Involved

This is my prayer: that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight. – Philippians 1:9

The ministry that Jesus built was a call to every person to reach out to someone hurting and broken (Matthew 5:14-16). To show them the gospel and bring them to God through Christ. We know that He is the only way to Heaven. He is the keeper of the key that unlocks the bountiful blessings that God will lavish upon us by living in His will. We need to be involved in more than just Sunday service. Not because the church needs us (it does, it always needs good folks) but because our Savior, our God desires it!

Why You Should Get Involved

Aside from God’s wish that we connect to our family in Christ we should want to for our own benefit and the chance to benefit others. When we get involved we are being servants of God and showing our brotherly love for our community. We are taking a huge next step because now we are moving beyond being saved and attending church to proactively showing and speaking our testimony. We become the army of Christ who helps people fight through troubled waters. Have you ever felt the reward of helping a friend through a rough patch? Amplify that a hundred times because when you speak life in to someone who is spiritually dead and they turn from a road to perdition and take the expressway to salvation. How awesome of an award is that?!

How To Get Involved

Getting involved in your church should not be hard. It should be easy because many offer programs like small groups where you can commune with other people who you may not have met otherwise. Stop by their guest services desk and ask them about a small group. Maybe you’re gift is your love for children, ask about volunteering to educate the smallest of the bunch and help raise them in God. For me personally this is huge. I cannot express how much I love hearing my kids talk about the Creator. Maybe you aren’t good with social functions and that is okay. The church has something for everyone, how can we grow if there are no opportunities to do so? All it takes to get involved is the intentional action of asking how you can help and a willingness to do God’s work in whatever form He has gifted you to excel in.

Final Thoughts

Loving people means you help when you can and where you can. You support them in the same way. Do you know how Jesus showed us love?  He shared the gospel with us. He walks with us as we come to the realization of salvation and then we receive that gospel in to our darkest places. Then He died for us because He knew that His sacrifice was capable of getting rid of every wrong man had or would commit. To put it in a rather geeky sense, the needs of the many outweighed the needs of the few or the one. He knew that His destiny was death for our sins. Yet he persevered and put aside any doubt and fear to still be betrayed as man has done time and again, arrested and accused of being false again as man has done and then He was slain just like man has done since the beginning.

We should get involved and let the world know the history of their savior. If only for that we should speak life and we should do our best to show love. Jesus did and He paid the ultimate penalty for us.

Daily Devotional – Brotherly Love

Brotherly Love

 Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth. This is how we know that we belong to the truth and how we set our hearts at rest in his presence. – 1 John 3:18-19

How is it that Jesus could be humble and meek but a king and a leader? How is He both lion and lamb? The answer to that is in his ministry. What is the foundation of Jesus ministry based on? We all know it. We all acknowledge it when it is convenient for us. Sometimes it is hard to do when you do not agree with another person but we have all, as Christians, been called to do it. That is the brotherly love we have for each other and even those who are not saved. It is a love of humanity that even today we still don’t fully grasp. Instead of some booming voice with a form we could not see we were taught by Jesus, in the flesh on what love is. God’s message about the divide between man and Him would not have been as clear had it not been for Christ. This is why His message was so clear. He brought salvation down to our level so that we could understand the importance of not only the ministry of His son but of the love and salvation offered to us.

What Brotherly Love Is Not

I feel a little silly for even addressing this because it is a shameful thing to say to any Christian that you aren’t loving people enough. There isn’t a limit to God’s love but there is to ours. It is very hard for me to find any love whatsoever for a murderer or a rapist. It is the most difficult for me to summon anything even regarding the term “affection” for a child molester. I’ll own that sin and pray that God gives me strength to one day see something redeeming in people like that but for now I have to put it in God’s hands and beg for understanding and grace.

This is where the tolerance that Christians are enamored to use comes in to play. Tolerance is the accepting that someone’s beliefs differs from our own. But there is a slippery slope there. The ability to be over-tolerant is there. When that happens we have taken a tool that God has blessed us with and turned it in to a sin. By being over-tolerant we have done more than politely disagreed, we have accepted the persons beliefs as being truth. We have accepted an untruth for a truth and in doing so we have rejected something that God has deemed true.

Those people are enslaved to those who are not Gods (Galatians 4:8). Understanding what brotherly love is not only frees us from other sins like pride but allows us to do what Jesus did, get down on that persons level and reach them. It hurts my heart when I see over zealous brethren marching with picket signs and calling people ‘freaks’ or ‘perverts’ or ‘faggots’ and other things. They are human and broken, so are you. Just because you have Jesus and salvation doesn’t make you God’s sword to cut people down. It makes you renewed in His image and then you aspire to be in His likeness when you start reaching out to those people. You become a disciple, a banner to what a Christian should be, could be. I have dropped the banner, I did for a decade and He wanted me back no questions asked. It is that grace that drives me to reach out to other men, doesn’t matter what level of brokenness they are dealing with.

What Brotherly Love Is

The idea of brotherly love is a call to go beyond the love you have for your spouse, children and immediate family. This love is the emotional tie you have with those of your community. In context it means fellow Christians but if we are to love fellow Christians as Christ does then that love extends beyond kin and community but to the man on the street who is a homeless veteran begging for handouts. It’s not just for the people that make it to church, they are important but it’s also for the people who are 200 ft away from the church wondering why their life is the way it is. Sometimes all a person needs to hear is, “I love you, God does too.” and other times they are haunted by demons that we may have to help them combat. Brotherly love is about the ability to put yourself next to someone, anyone and show them a kindness that Christ would be proud of.

Final Thoughts

I can’t help but feel I got a little on a soap box about this topic. I don’t think it is bad, a devotional should be emotional. Good or bad it should affect you in some way. I have a passion to show that everyone deserves to see how much God loves them. I want them to know that fire I feel. We are commanded to love as we are loved with the Golden Rule. How can I do any of that if I can’t get out of the way of myself and out of the way of God’s work. If we are to be the body then how can we knowingly act like He didn’t sit with sinners and love them?

Daily Devotional – To Reject God

To Reject God

The Lord told him: “Listen to all that the people are saying to you; it is not you they have rejected, but they have rejected me as their king.” – 1 Samuel 8:7

[su_pullquote align=”right”]Satan authored a wonderful sin for us and we read it. We loved it and we fell from grace for it.[/su_pullquote]To reject God is to embrace eternal separation from God as a lover. We know that the wages of sin are death (Romans 6:23) and yet there are those who do reject God. Sometimes it may be the idea of being subject to a sovereign power or the belief that Christians must live perfectly or they lose their salvation. The idea is, “why bother if one slip up undoes everything good I have ever done?” but that is not what the Bible shows us.

And there is doubt. Believer, non-believer, antagonist, atheist it doesn’t matter your position on God because we all experience doubt. I do it, you do it. It’s hard not to because of the tragic things we see in this world. Why, if God is so powerful and mighty, does he allow things like murder or rape to happen?

It’s a very valid question and it’s part of being human. We are not perfect, we have never been. It’s also why we reject God. We like to do things our way so we doubt that God can do it better. We like to make it on our own and we struggle in doing that. Man fell because of that thinking, God said not to eat of the tree and we did. We thought that we could do as we wished even if He forbade it. Satan authored a wonderful sin for us and we read it. We loved it and we fell from grace for it.

Reject Sin

If we can reject God then surely we can reject sin. Sin is part of us but it does not define who we are. God has given us free will to live how we wish and to choose to embrace sin and rejection or to push it aside by faith in the truth that Jesus Christ brought to us. That can only happen after you recognize one indelible thing…

God is Sovereign

Final Thoughts

To reject God is to try and reject the fact that He is in control even when we think that we are doing it on our own. When we find peace, that stillness that signifies that our soul is in alignment with God’s will then we can see how beautiful it is to let go and just be held. God is an awesome Father who allows His children to make terrible mistakes and reject Him like the prodigal son did. Yet, when that child returns He is there, happy and patient. Willing to overlook the demons we struggle with. Every time we falter we reject God in some small way but He is always full of grace. God allows suffering because man rejects Him by using the free will given to him as a means to go against God’s wishes. Isaiah 5:24 warns us of what life would be without God when it tells us how our unredeemed soul will be blown away like dust. Embracing God will gives us life, give us peace and ultimately free us from the bondship of sin so that we can spread His word of redemption. His grace is not a blank check, we will sin again and again but if we truly hold fast to Him it will be a failure of will and not an intentional rejection of who He is and what He represents. We should guard our place as a child of God’s with the utmost desire to not dirty His name. Who we are represents how we really believe in Him.

Daily Devotional – Fear of the Lord

Fear of the Lord

They said to Moses, “Speak to us yourself and we will listen. But do not have God speak to us or we will die.” – Exodus 20:19

What is fear to you? By definition it is an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat. It is what drives our fight or flight response since we can and will fight if the fear of threat is manageable and we will flee if the threat is so great we cannot overcome it.

So why do we hide from God? Why were the Israelite’s asking Moses to mediate between them and God?


God told Moses that he wanted all of Jacob’s descendants to have a relationship with Him but they feared Him so much that they did not want to be subject to His wrath. To be fair, I would be terrified too. They were at the foot of Mount Sinai and God was there hovering over it at the top in a dark cloud as Exodus 19:1-25 tells us he came down on it like fire. I would be hard pressed to want to talk to anyone that could do that. I would fear for my life.

Sin Causes Fear

I Saw ThatIf we were perfect and holy would we need to fear the Lord? It is a good question to ask ourselves. From the Fall to today what happens when we sin? We try and hide it. Before Adam and Eve sinned they spoke with God, had a relationship with Him that no other Human aside from Jesus has ever had. Once they sinned they tried to hide. Did it work? Nope. The Bible tells us this over and over again (Numbers 32:23, Ecclesiastes 12:14, Luke 12:2) and we still think we can hide from God because we are afraid of what he can do.

Sin Causes Separation

This is why the Israelite’s were fearful of God. He has the power to destroy something entirely intangible but vitally important to who we are. Our soul. Jesus warns us not to be afraid of those who can kill our body but the One who can destroy both body and soul (Matthew 10:28). Does that mean that God is going to smite you immediately after you commit a sin? No, humanity would not survive a single day with that kind of judgement hanging over our heads. Instead God judges us after our body dies, ultimately our soul is what is freed or condemned. Will we spend eternity apart from God or will we get to rejoice in His kingdom? That is for us to choose and it is a choice. God has given us freedom of choice to come to Him or to deny Him.

 Final Thoughts

Fear of the Lord is healthy an it should not paralyze us from living. God wants us to live a fulfilling life but He wants us to share it with Him. We are scared to meet Him, I mean it. I will still be in fear of seeing His face, regardless of how good my life has been lived. We cause a separation from our Father by denying Him. We hide from Him in shame because of a sin we committed. It can be a scary thing, examining our lives. If we do though and we remove all those things that make us feel ashamed in front of God then we can live freely and pursue Him with a fire in our hearts.

Daily Devotional – Our Loving God

Our Loving God

How can I give you up, Ephraim?

How can I hand you over, Israel?

My heart is changed within me; all my compassion is aroused. – Hosea 11:8

We will go off the beaten path here and freestyle, the message I need to convey requires it. The reference verse is from a book in the Bible that I for one rarely look at, it’s a gap in knowledge because we will never understand the entirety of the Bible. Still, I don’t want to ever speak from a place of ignorance and I never want anyone reading this to feel like they are uninformed. So I spent many days looking at this before I wrote it. This is a story of God’s anger but it also shows how loving God can be.

Hosea is the first of a series of twelve books in the Bible relating to prophets. They are the last twelve books of the Old Testament. The book of Hosea goes through God’s lamentation for the Northern Kingdom (Ehpraim) and the Southern Kingdom (Judah) when Israel was divided. The prophecy in Hosea is a prophecy of sadness and a prophecy of hope.

Marriage of Hosea

Hosea is told by God to marry a promiscuous woman because the land (Israel) is like an adulterous wife, it has been unfaithful to God. Hosea did so and married Gomer. God is using marriage as a means to show that Israel was like a promiscuous woman to God. He had covenant with them and they broke it over and over again with idolatry and other breaking of the commandments.

Hosea’s’ Firstborn

From there Hosea and his wife Gomer has a son who God said to name as Jezreel as he intended to punish the Northern Kingdom for all of the blood that was shed in the valley that is named Jezreel. The name Jezreel means God Sows.

Hosea’s Second-born

Gomer and Hosea then have a daughter that God commands him to name Lo-ruhamah or the unloved. This is done to show that God will no longer have love for the Northern Kingdom but will love the Southern Kingdom still.

Gomer’s Third Child

It is not known if the third child of Gomer was that of Hosea’s but considering that God had Hosea marry a promiscuous woman it is entirely possible that she did commit adultery and have another man’s child. God commanded the boy be named Lo-Ammi or “not my people” which lends to the idea that she did not conceive Lo-Ammi by Hosea. This is a very shameful name and used to emphasize the face that God was turning His back on the Northern Kingdom.

Hosea’s Prophecy

Ultimately this accounting and the prophecy of Hosea sum up God’s covenant with Israel as His bride because they were his chosen people. Israel had angered God because of their idolatry but he showed that He is loving towards Judah because they had not gone off the beaten path by worshiping idols. Hosea prophesies the coming of Jesus in Hosea 11:1 and that is where the sadness turns to good news.

Our Loving God

God turned his back on Israel for many years and they lived without a king all that time. Eventually the Northern Kingdom was overthrown and Israel became united. Matthew 2:13 shows that God honors everyone of His promises as he speaks of Hosea’s prophecy. He sent His Son out of Egypt where Joseph and Mary had fled. He gave Israel a King in Jesus and the he showed how loving he could be by giving that Son to the people who killed Him.

Final Thoughts

God created us and then he gave us breath. We have been angry, petulant and spoiled children in His grace but we still are forgiven and He continues loving us. He gave up Israel because she had cuckolded Him but promised that one day He would take her back and He did. He did so much more than that when He did. No longer did He want to love the tribes but He wanted everyone. He does more than just loving us, He shows a compassion in wanting to have a relationship with us. He does not settle for anything less than all we can give. He has already given us everything even knowing we could never return it in equal amounts. That’s the kind of loving we all need, we all have. As long as we keep our focus on Him.

Daily Devotional – Remain in the Vine

Fruit of the Vine

Remain in me, as I also remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me. – John 15:4

When I first started doing this I had talked about the farmer and the ways it relates to the types of people we encounter in our lives.While I haven’t been the stony or the thorny seed I certainly have been the man tossing seeds upon the wayside where I was not bearing fruit at all. I knew the Lord but I was apart from Him. This verse in John is exactly something I needed back then and sometimes even now. We all wander a little or a lot, doesn’t matter the distance because God tells us that He will meet us wherever we are. I was unplugged, separated, away from God for a decade almost. I was off of the vine.

Life off of the Vine

Have you ever plucked a grape from a vine and let it sit there? It doesn’t instantly turn rotten and it doesn’t wither and dry up right away either. That is how life is when we are away from God. At first anyways, because we have that prior nourishment to sustain us just like the grape did. What happens eventually? The grape begins to rot and ultimately dies because it is not being renewed. That is exactly how I was, exactly how it is for any one away from God. It doesn’t mean you have become an unbeliever. On the contrary, I grew up going to church a lot and while I did not follow what God wanted me to, I knew God existed and never denied it. How long can the fruit survive away from the vine? It doesn’t matter, eternity is still longer.

Plugging In

This is where the church comes in because we need to help one another. Can you put a grape back on the vine and it will thrive again? No, once you pull the grape off a tear in the skin happens and it begins losing all of it’s nourishment. That is the good news, you my friends, are not grapes. God is a master gardener with His vine. He can plug that hole and fill that fruit with nourishment. The church is there to help lead the wandering fruit back to the vine so that they do not wither and die.  This is why we speak life to the lost and even to ourselves because it is a chaste reminder that we can still fall off the vine if we are negligent and allow the enemy to pull at us.

Final Thoughts

I’d like to go back to the grape for a minute and just explain why staying on the vine is important to me. See, when you hold a grape up you see light pass through it. When you break the skin it is sweet and juicy. It is refreshing! That’s how we should live our lives as Christians. We should have a skin so thin that the sweet good news of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice is ready to burst forth and refresh the dying fruit so that God can mend them and bring them back in to the vine. You want to be a seedless grape ultimately because who wants a bitter seed while enjoying the richness of God? The best grapes are seedless because then they are full of the nourishment from the vine. Do we really want the lost spitting out a bitter pit because they recognized that we have some harbored doubt in our hearts?

I know that all sounds very highfalutin but it is the truth. We are called to invigorate others and bring them to Christ. That is what I am trying to do here because I know my talents in this season are in writing and in technical knowledge to run a website. Who knows where God is going to take me but I can assure you I’m going to cling to the vine for all it’s worth. Cling to it for life. God is life.

Daily Devotional – Strength from God

Strength from God

Being strengthened with all power according to his glorious might so that you may have great endurance and patience.

God offers us everything we could ever want in life. Sometimes those things are tangible but the majority of them are not. Salvation, love, the strength to endure. The strength for what we call “The Race” or “The Walk” which imply different things, one cannot run and walk at the same time. It’s physically impossible. Which is fine! We are talking about the duality of our public spirituality (The Race) and the private spirituality (The Walk) that we experience in this life with God. In to both of those, if we pray and ask God for it, He will pour strength to continue on even when things look dire. Christians suffer the same malignancies that anyone else suffers from. We experience cancer, HIV, addiction and suicide just like any other person. God is not going to write us a blank check to be free from all of these things. If we did we would wonder why we even needed Him to begin with. That’s another thing we have a problem with as Christians, pride. It is so easy to think that we have it all because our position in Heaven is secure.

Strength not Solutions

So how do we solve all of these problems in Christianity…in life. Again we have a duality we must walk because we all act differently in public and in private, it’s easy to say just try to act the same. If only it really were that simple. I do this, I am sure others do but we pray for solutions instead of strength and that is not what we should do. Instead flip that and beg God to give you the strength to defeat what is ailing you. It doesn’t matter if it is cancer or a virus. It can be the desire to beat an addiction or the thought of suicide. That strength may come as a physical blessing or maybe the strength to step out of the shell you’ve created around yourself so that you can reach out to someone for help. That trial is food for you to grow in, if God washed it away you wouldn’t flourish. We should pray for the strength to carry on that race and find peace in the walk we have with God.

Walking and Running

The power we exhibit in our Christian lives comes from the ability to have synergy in our lives with God. First we have to learn to crawl and then we can walk and then we can run. To do each of those we must grow in strength. We grow in strength by reading the bible, praying, facing trials and just simply being what God wants us to be. Those are the fruits of our labors that we dine on to grow. Synergy is the interaction of two or more things so that the whole is greater than the separate pieces. You cannot run God’s race unless you are walking with Him every single day of your life. To do so is to make a farce of the life He wants for us. We mess up and it is unfortunate but to willfully on a daily basis pretend to be a Christian outside while on the inside you are not makes you a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Final Thoughts

God has solutions for everything that we could ever imagine but if we are just asking for handouts then how can we say that we walk with God? How can we run the race if God isn’t center in our life? We need His strength more than we need the solutions that we try to prioritize over Him. We can walk and run at the same time in fact we have to! The closer you try to be with God and the more you grow in faith because of that will allow you to do something that impact this world. Maybe it is on person or maybe it is a multitude. The quantity doesn’t matter nearly as much as the fact that you are making an impact by walking with Christ and Running to God. Small successes lead to greater goals.

Daily Devotional – Peace in God’s Presence

Peace in God's Presence

The peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. – Philippians 4:7

I’m breaking from my normal format for this devotional because this is just hitting home with the message from Sunday at Harvest Bible Chapel Hickory where Senior Pastor Ryan Hughley has been discussing the Armor of God in Ephesians. We are on the sandals which are to represent the gospel of peace. That being said I want to share with you my journey for peace.

It’s not over, it won’t ever be over until I go Home. Peace is something that comes in goes based on how much we tend to our relationship with God. If we were perfect it would be an endless exaltation of knowledge of His love and Grace. We are human, we like to place our confidence in things that give us no spiritual return, we are broken. So when we place our confidence in those things like money or sex or drugs we are holding on to something that will ultimately let us down, let us go.

I prefer to plan things out. It’s easier to control variables then. That isn’t to say that I don’t like spontaneity because it is all contextual. If there is something like a party or a building project. I want a good plan together to deal with the organizing or potential issues. I’m not arrogant enough to assume I can know all variables, I can’t. If it is a night where the kids are being watched and we have some free time I don’t want to spend it shopping for groceries. I want to spend it doing something fun with Bethany. Usually there are no plans in that and I am perfectly fine with it!

Those times with planning though. Man they are a curse to me. I enjoy the challenge but I get burdened by anxiety. That anxiety can make me irritable and I can be someone I don’t even want to be around. That is where I struggle with peace. I don’t like the idea of something not going how I intended because I want to control the variables if possible. Yet at the same time I know that to grow those variables may need to be allowed to play out. Sometimes I recognize that and other times I don’t.

That’s where God comes in. I’m not saying that He is a substitute for my failings but that I’ve grown because of Him. He is there to lift me up from those failings and show me that I can’t walk through life without Him. If you’ve ever known that kind of peace where you have an absolute stillness in you then you know what I am talking about.

Prayer is one of the hardest things for most people, including myself. Our minds travel all over the place in seconds as we try to navigate life. So to purposefully slow that activity down and focus on one thing is very hard. It is the most important thing that we can focus on and that is our relationship with Christ.

When I get filled with a negative emotion I should be praying for God to help give me the strength to fight that emotion off. I don’t believe in just saying, “God, do the work and I’ll just take a free ride.” because we are called in to service to God. I feel that there is a distinct difference in that kind of prayer, asking for Him to do the work and asking for strength. Sometimes we need both but often times the strength God gives us can help us accomplish great things with Him and through Him. That is how we gain testimony so that others can see God in our works.

God is always there with us. Always ready to offer peace in His presence. If we go to Him daily and humble ourselves before Him we will find peace. If we go to Him daily and ask for His guidance we will find peace. It’s all about putting Him first in all you do. Putting God in your work and in your family life will change how you react to people and how people view you because they can see the change, even if sometimes you may not. We live in God’s presence all the time so whenever those emotions get to boiling or the frustration gets to you. Pray. He will listen, He will comfort, He will give you a peace that is so still it will leave you in breathless awe.

Daily Devotional – Tuned in to the Son

Tuned in to the Son

Jesus said to them, “Very truly I tell you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink His blood, you have no life in you. – John 6:53

All of the devotions lately have lead towards the same conclusion. It may seem repetitive but that is precisely what I think is necessary so that we understand, certainly myself included, is that we need to be tuned in with Jesus. I’ve talked about devotionals, prayer, reading God’s word and more but one of the other ways we do this is by communion. The reference verse here is from the Last Supper. Jesus was telling his disciples that one of them (Judas) would betray him and that Peter would deny him three times. It is at this last supper that the first Eucharist was held. Opinions will vary in what the consecration of the bread and wine means such as they truly become the body and blood of Christ. For me, it means that Jesus is saying to eat of the flesh of the Son of Man is to dive deep in to the word of God and to drink of His blood is to confess my sins. Why do I believe that?

Tuned in With the Flesh of Christ

As Christians we talk about how God feeds us. The Israelites were literally fed with manna from Heaven while wandering after their liberation in Egypt. Christ fed the multitudes on the shores of Galilee. He fed the Apostles at the last supper as well. When Christ ascended after His resurrection the church was established with Peter but how do we continue to get nourishment from God? Through the Bible. If the words of God and Jesus were not written down then how could we even begin to contemplate what God can be and is in our lives? God has thought of everything and that includes the after-care when Christ went back to His Father, our Father. He has left us a buffet of soul food we just have to bring an appetite.

Tuned in With the Blood of Christ

How often do I confess to God? Daily. He knows I need it. I would think that all of us do. That time when I am praying during my drive is when that happens. I confess, I thank Him profusely and then I beg for His words to be part of me. For His wisdom, even a grain of it, to help me through my day. When I am heading home I thank Him for the day regardless of how great or terrible it has been and I ask him for peace and comfort. I ask that He allow me the strength to put the attitude I may have on the bad days aside so that when I get home I can love my loved ones with no negative influence. If the days are great I ask Him to give that wider buoyancy and allow my mood to become infectious to my family. All of that comes after confession. God knows what we do in public and in private. There is no secret place he cannot find us in. The best way for me to talk with God is by putting my failings up front and center so that I show I am broken, I know I will forever need His grace. He is always there ready to meet us anywhere and anytime we are ready. The season doesn’t matter.

Final Thoughts

In my humble opinion Jesus gave us many instructions such as the Golden Rule but at the Last Supper he gave us what all of those instructions really sum up to. His flesh made into the word of God is symbolized in the bread he broke and gave to the disciples. That bread when broken fed many just as the Bible has been printed uncounted times across the world. It has fed many in the same way the manna and the fish have throughout the Bible. His blood the symbol of our sin being washed away. God made it clear we must repent even after the death of Christ (1 John 1:9). Being spiritually fit keeps us connected to Him. By honoring the Eucharist, going to church, reading our Bible, doing devotions and praying we are opening our hearts and our ears to God. These things keep us aware of how He would feel about our potential to commit a sin. These things are our compass to God’s will. I’m not perfect by a long shot but I do notice that when I make conscious efforts to stay tuned in with Him I am so much more aware of the neverending grace I have in my life because of God.

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