Daily Devotional – Child of God

God's Child

To be blessed with a child is the most precious gift next to our salvation that God bestows on us in this life. What do you love more than anything? For me it is my kids. I am not taking away from my love for God at all. I believe it is a different kind of love. You can’t fully explain either. They both make your chest swell and your eyes fill with tears. The difference I think is in how these differing loves affect us.

A Child’s Love

A child’s love can provide soothing peace after a long day of work. It’s one of the first things I look for when I come home. I set my backpack down and if they don’t know I am home I shout, “Where’s my kids?!” and then the pounding of feet and I am tackled. Even if I were sore I would happily bear that pain as they crash into me because there is no place I’d rather be. Until later in the day they don’t like what I have to say and throw a huge tantrum! That’s where things diverge, our children and even we forget our love when other emotions take over. It’s nothing to be ashamed of or to defend yourself against. My boy tells me he doesn’t love me when he is not happy with my choices for him. As a father you know that is just not true and even though it stings you smile and tell them you love them anyway.

God’s Love

Is perfect. It doesn’t change even if we curse the things He has chosen for us. Even when we decide not to live for Him and then come crawling back. It is the same consistent love over and over. That is why He is the perfect Father. He will run to meet us if we truly want Him there. That is why the parable of the Prodigal Son is so powerful. Man was God’s child before the Fall and afterward the only way we can be adopted back in is through the heartfelt desire of His grace and love. He thought nothing of his son’s desire to run off and sow his wild oats and he thought nothing of his son’s return except that he was home and he could love on him once more.

Final Thoughts

God let’s us have those glimpses of His love you know. Like when you hold this angry red child fresh from the womb and you want to bawl more than they are. When you are at the bottom of the depths of your despair and there is no way out, that whisper in your heart, that urge in your mind to become better, to become one with Him. When you’re at church and the music wraps itself around you and you can’t help but raise your arms up. That’s just a tickle of His love. It’s effervescent and the only way to capture it is to be like David and go after God’s own heart. To seize the chance to say, “Here I am Father! Love me! Allow me to love you!” When you get to that place, you’ll experience love in a way you could never imagine.

Daily Devotional – My Heavenly Father

Heavenly Father

See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! The reason the world does not know us is that it did not know Him. – 1 John 3:1

There are only a handful of names I really enjoy being called in life. Son, Brother, Dad or Daddy, Scotty (I get this more than Daddy and that is okay), Fiancé and most importantly, child of God. While I may not physically hear this from the lips of God I can hear it in my heart. God is such a good Father, in ways I will never be able to be. He takes care of things I can never imagine handling. All the children that need his attention and battling with the enemy to me seems insurmountable. He is our Heavenly Father who dwells in all places in all times so that His children’s spirit is watched over.

Tough Love

I want to share a story with you about a time when I was a child and I had inadvertently terrified my parents. After school in the city was an interesting time. You had to do your homework and then you could go play. I was originally just going to play on the sidewalk in front of my house and that is what I told my mom. After being out there a few minutes I realized that the small church right up the road was having after school Bible study and I so wanted to go! In my excitement I completely forgot to tell my mom that was what I wanted to do and I just went. After the program was over for the day I left the church feeling happy and I had some craft with me. As I was walking up the concrete walkway to leave the church grounds I heard, “There he is!” and looked up to see my Uncle Timmy stalking towards me. I was terrified, I didn’t understand what I had done wrong as he hoisted me up and carried me down the street to home. There I was summarily passed to my father who was intent to take me upstairs and show my hind end a thing or two with his (even in my eyes today) giant meaty man-bear-paw. Mom stopped him and reminded him that I did not even know what I had done. I was sat down and explained that I had not told mom where I was, the police were called and it was a big mess. I don’t like disappointing my family, especially my parents and I had. I was crestfallen and even though I knew I had done wrong I was punished as well. Even though some parents would have given me a pass because of the relief that I was safe and not abducted. God believe in the same thing (Hebrews 12:5-11) though I think that sometimes we misinterpret the intentions of tough love and use it as a means to justify being mean to our children when they are frustrating us. I’m guilty of it, I try to dissuade myself from irritating them back as a form of punishment but frankly, it isn’t is and I beg God’s forgiveness often and pray that I have the strength through Him to be less like that.

Heavenly Comfort

I fullt believe the comfort we get from God is not from single method. God is omniscient and He knows that we may not get our comfort in ways that someone right next to us does. Some week prayer to provide comfort and some look to friends or family. God can provide comfort in all ways but I do believer that the heavenly comfort we get from God is not by praying alone. The heavenly comfort that God blesses us with can be sought out in church. Christ was the center of the church and if we go to a place where God’s children gather we can tap in to that source of amazing heavenly love.

Final Thoughts

God does not seek to give us punishment but He does expect His children to follow His words. We should not hide our faults from God like Ananias and Sapphira (Acts 5:1-11) did, you cannot hide from God. It’s that weird power our parents posses, when they know you’re doing something you shouldn’t and you think you have gotten away with it and then the hammer comes down. Parenting is no walk in the park, you have to balance love, discipline, praise and many other factors to set boundaries but also encourage your children. God has given us boundaries and he has given us praise and rewarded us greatly through the death of Christ, even if we were unworthy. This heavenly love is incomparable and even though we know we are a child of God, we never really grasp all the complexities that it entails.

Daily Devotional – Walking through Fire

Through the Fire

When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze. – Isaiah 43:2

With the way we run our lives today it is so easy for us to feel like we are drowning in obligations, duties and societies demands on us. God tell us and Jesus showed us that he will lead us through the waters. He also showed us through Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego that  He will walk with us through the fires of our lives and be protected. Our faith can be so tenuous and yet He reaches out time and again whenever we turn on Him or ignore His will for our own. He keeps reaching and even into the fire He will grab us out of damnation and place us on a road to His kingdom but we have to walk it.

Fire Through the Bible

Like water, fire winds through the Bible showing the uses for it in both practical matters and in symbolic fashion. After the Fall, God placed Cherubims at the east of the garden and a flaming sword. Man is the only animal that cooks, we are unique in that fact. The next time we see fire in the Bible it is not for a good reason. Cain and Abel, the first children of Adam and Eve are giving sacrifices to God. Abel’s’ sacrifice of meat burns but Cain’s sacrifice of  produce does not and it makes Cain angry. So angry in fact that he kills his brother. We see fire when God protects Israel throughout the nights as they leave Egypt and even at the end of the Bible we see Paul speak of it in Revelations.

Final Thoughts

God promises that he will lead us through the fires but it doesn’t mean he protects us from difficulties of life. God’s goal is to protect us from the fire of hell. I’m not getting all Southern Baptist guts on the floor you are damned at all but it’s true, God wants us home with Him. He wants to guide our souls from the eternal separation that exists when we are not seeking Him. Even if we are saved when we wander off we are separated and even though we will be welcome into His kingdom our rewards are directly connected to our deeds (Revelation 22:12). It doesn’t matter what those rewards may be, God is giving you something when he does not have to. His presence will be more than enough to satiate our desires. When that day comes in each of our lives the fires we have walked through will be insignificant to being there with the Father.

Daily Devotional – Through the Waters

Through the Waters

When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. – Isaiah 43:2

Water is vital to the Bible. It is vital for us to live. Water provides us with healing of the body. The connection to water is strong in the Bible and there is a lot of symbolism that occurs with it. We are baptized in water to symbolize the resurrection of our life in Christ. We say that our sins are washed in the blood of Jesus and that is what the water represents during the baptism. As we pass through the waters all things are new. Water did more than heal, it also destroyed. In that destruction, each time, God protected His children.

The Flood

The flood occurs in Genesis 7:1-24 for the uninformed God spoke with Noah and saw him righteous. He saved Noah and his family against the destruction that He had promised. The Earth was flooded as the waters rose and everyone but those on the ark perished. God made a covenant afterward to never curse the ground for the sake of man again and He would never destroy every living thing as He had done. The curse upon the ground that God speaks of comes from the curse He had laid upon the Earth during the fall. This curse made it harder for man to find sustenance whereas in the Garden the fruit grew from it’s perfect ground and all things flourished. God lifted this curse as the flood had abated His anger, even in His disappointment of humanity, God found someone, some people worthy to love enough to save.

The Red Sea

The parting of the Red Sea happens in Exodus 14:1-31 in this God had delivered the Israelite people from Egypt and led them to a place call Pi Hahiroth where they were to encamp. God told Moses he would harden the heart of Pharaoh and that Pharaoh would pursue them. He did so bringing out a massive army. There, in Israel’s doubt of God, Moses lifted his hand and his staff and the Lord parted the sea so that through the night His people could cross to safety. When dawn was nearing and Egypt pursued them across the sea bed God cause their chariots to become stick. He then commanded Moses to lift his hand once more and when Moses did the sea closed around the army of Egypt and the waters swept them all away with no survivors. God was fulfilling his promise in Isaiah long before it was made.

Final Thoughts

I don’t know about you but I have issues with doubt. I genuinely think we all do because we were given free will. It can express itself in many ways and one of those ways is by listening to the enemy. He will lead us in to troubled waters much like the experience of the disciples on the Sea of Galilee. Jesus wanted to cross the sea and slept along the way. Even though He was with the disciples in the flesh, they doubted and woke Him. This was the first time Jesus calmed the storm for the disciples. It wouldn’t be the last.

We are constantly are struggle with many things in our lives and those trouble waters can be hard to navigate because we try to control them when we really need to stop holding on and just be held by Him. I certainly founder here but even in the storms God has not let me lose focus. I love Him more every single day because I am pursuing Him. I want my race (John 7:38-39) to mean something. With God as the captain you can navigate the toughest rivers and you will never be left to tread water.

Daily Devotional – Before You Were Born

Before You Were Born

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations. – Jeremiah 1:5

This verse in Jeremiah shows just how intimate our connection is with God. It is more than just the role of Father that we are connected to Him. He is Creator. The Sculptor of eternity. His hands, his breath have given us form and life. To believe that is to know that God doesn’t make mistakes. For the child born with what we consider disabilities God has given them a purpose and we see that in how those very same children do not let their condition control them but use it to enrich others. To inspire us to be better. To give hope to the world.

The Sculptor

One of the most idyllic sculptors of the world was Michelangelo who spoke of something in an artistic manner but it relates directly to God’s influence on us. Michelangelo said, “The sculptor’s hand breaks the spell to free the figure slumbering in the stone.” God is there, chipping away at the marble that binds us. The marble of course is our iniquities and His chisel works on us so that the world can see the creation of His works. Imagine if you will a half finished sculpture of a man, the man is trying to run but the base is incomplete. He has been chiseled out up to mid-thigh, that is our position as we grow in our walk with Him. From before we were born God never finishes working on us. We are always there to be improved, if there was no improvement to be gained then that would mean we had become perfect. Only God is perfect and we strive for being like Jesus but fall more often than we care to admit.

Sin Cera

Let me share with you something that totally flipped my head on it’s ear when I learned it. Dan Brown, yes the author of Angels and Demons among other books. Wrote a book called Digital Fortress that deals in cryptography or the art of writing and solving codes. In that book he discusses the root of the word sincere. The word is made up of two root words, the first being sine which is Latin for ‘without’ and cera which is Latin for ‘wax’. To be sin cera in Roman times was to have chiseled a statue that had no wax as artists with poor skill would use wax to fill in small imperfections. So what does all of that mean? Well, God doesn’t make mistakes, all of His work is sin cera. He begins the sculpture of our life in the womb and works tirelessly on us until we draw our last breath. There is no sincerity as great as that.

Final Thoughts

Devoting your life to the work of God is not a fad, it is not a pick-up game. It is a lifelong pursuit. Men of the Renaissance pursued their works with that kind of ferocity. Men in the world today are challenged to find a lifelong pursuit when one is right in front of them. It is not the easiest pursuit but when you strive for excellence it shouldn’t be easy. Making a sculpture is a long process one that requires intentional strikes so that the work inside is damaged. A wrong strike and the sculpture is ruined. God does not make incorrect strikes. Things may be painful but He knew from before our conception in the womb our destiny. After we are born the work begins not on just us but on those who rear us. He knows how to carve us into something amazing. If we let God do the work on us then we can do the work He has given us to show the world His grace. His work on us is sin cera, we should be showing the world the sincerity of that perfection.

Daily Devotional – The Palms of His Hands

Palms of His Hands

Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne? Though she may forget, I will not forget you! See, I have engraved you on the palms of My hands; your walls are ever before Me. – Isaiah 49:15-16

When you have children, biological or adopted they become everything. You shower them with as much wonderful love as you can but also have to deal with the bad side. We never forget our children, it is impossible to. Whether they are throwing tantrums or winning awards we are there until God decides we have to come home. Parenting is one of the most rewarding relationships and also the most trying. In fact, it is the second on the list I feel. The first is your relationship with Christ. Through His blood we have been cemented in our relationship with God. The palms of His hands are all the evidence we need to see how deep God’s love goes.

The Hard Part of Parenting

Long nights with sick children. A willful teenager doing everything but what you raised them on. The unexpected loss of a child. These are the things that can make a parent irritable, flat out angry and heartbroken. We experience some or all of these as children grow. I am in no way minimizing the struggles of earthly parenting when I say this but God has endured that for millennia. He has created us and we often thumb our nose at God or see Him as dead because we don’t see the movement we want in our lives occur. This leads us to feel like we are better than he when we are really wretched (Revelation 3:17) and the spoiled child. We think that everything we have gained is because of our own works. Our children can feel the same way because they don’t understand the resources we pour into raising them or the sacrifices we make for them. God tells us about the resources and the sacrifices He made for us and we tend to ignore that. He, like us, have it hard at parenting.

The Good Part of Parenting

Limitless love. Bottomless grace. Good News. God gives us all of those things. As parents we get to see the wonders of our children as they grow into adults. From discovering how awesome macaroni and cheese is to the almost divine place pizza holds. We watch countless hours of Paw Patrol or PJ Masks to enjoy time with our kids. When we take an active role in parenting the way God has with us then we really truly reap the rewards of those sleepless nights and the butting of wills. Adoration, hugs, kisses and laughter should fill a home. God’s words inspire these things if we listen.

Final Thoughts

God’s sacrifices are shown in the palms of Jesus’ hands. His son was killed, frankly outright murdered for spreading the word. His feet, his side and his palms are testimony that even that sacrifice wasn’t too great because He has adopted us into His home if we come to Him seeking the truth. The next time I find myself wondering if God really cares I just need to look at my unmarred palms and realize that Jesus took that burden and allowed my skin to be untouched. He took the sin and allowed my could to be cleansed. Just look at your hands and examine your palms. Something so simple and if we stop to appreciate it, I think it will bring our focus back where it belongs. On God.

Daily Devotional – Wonderful Love

Wonderful Love

His love endures forever. – Psalm 136

There is no love like the kind that God gives to you. Even the love of a spouse or child does not match it. That does not mean that the love we get from those we walk in life with is bad, just that it is different. Spouses and children have a tendency to withhold their loving feelings while God does not. We may think that God is so strict that we can not enjoy. This turns people away from God because they think that their life will become dull and without joy. The reality is that God’s love brings joy. Not only does it bring joy it brings comfort. The love we get from God is limitless whereas the potential of another human to stop loving someone is quite likely.

Why Does He Love Me?

It’s a good question, think about it a moment. We are born in to sin because we are from Adam and for that we must die (1 Corinthians 15:22). It is not that we are paying for the sins of the first man but that we would sin in the same manner given the chance. There was only one commandment given in the garden. We could not obey even that. I face this with my kids all the time, if I say not to do something, they generally do it because they are willful and independent even at so young an age! It can be extremely frustrating to see your children blatantly disobey you but you continue to love them despite their desire to not listen. Now, put yourself in the position of the child and look at God for the great Father that He is. Do you see why he has wonderful love for us? He sacrificed the only Son that He claims as His for everyone of us. We are the adopted Children of God in fact Paul tells us this in his Epistle to the Ephesians. In Ephesians 1:1-10 we are told directly that we were chosen to be holy and blameless in Him before creation. Our adoption through Christ is the only thing that secures that after the fall. God loves us because He created us so that He could love us! How awesome is that? We create children because we want to love them and so God has done the same.

What is meant by ‘Wonderful Love’?

Wonderful means to inspire delight or pleasure in something. God takes great pleasure in welcoming His children home. He takes great delight in the joy they get from His presence. He is a perfect Father who gives without reservation. Even now I still get jealous of my time or my resources because I am not perfection. I love my children and I take great joy in coming home and being stampeded with hugs from my boy and girl. I enjoy the chance to hold my loved ones close and kiss their brow. That love is not like the love God showers on us because even when we go astray He does not stop loving us. Sometimes it can be hard to show that love to your kids when their willfulness is directly against your desires for them. That does not mean you do not love them but it does mean that it makes it harder to give it so freely, God doesn’t have that hangup. Please, be honest with yourself, I am being honest here and it is not easy to shower our children with wonderful love sometimes. I would love it if I didn’t fail there but I do and I openly admit that. I pray that I do better every day because Bethany and the children are one of the best things I have been blessed with in life.

Final Thoughts

Those that do not know God are missing out on how amazing He is. Loving God and being a slave to Jesus is not dull or boring. In fact it is the greatest delight. Men have danced in joy of the Lord since the beginning of creation. We have sang and had wine and ate and celebrated in many ways with the Lord on our tongue and the Holy Spirit in our heart. Having God’s love is not the end of your fun times. It is the beginning. God only desires us to act responsibly. We fail to do that by not drinking but getting drunk to the point where our nature becomes sinful. We eat gluttonously to the point where we become defensive over food. We dance in ways that are sexualized and those dances are not filled with God’s intention. These are the things that any earthly parent would be upset about and withhold that wonderful love because there is no delight and pleasure in seeing your children act that way. God forgives that without a second thought if we truly mean it when we ask for His grace. That is the real meaning of Wonderful Love.

Daily Devotional – Alone Time

Never Alone

Do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with My righteous right hand. – Isaiah 41:10

At some point I feel that anyone, everyone will or does feel alone. Whether it is depression from not having a significant other or lack of social connections. Perhaps it is even a distancing from family that someone experiences. In every case it is unfortunate. For me it was a combination of being single and not having friends. We are wired for interaction with other people. Even those that come off as hermetic still find some joy in connecting with someone. This desire is because we enjoy the chance to share a part of us with someone. Even in our most difficult times when we think we are along we are not. God is there, he promised us He would be. We can fool ourselves in to thinking that He has turned on us but a Father doesn’t do that. He is there, always.

Time Alone Is Good

We need time to decompress that is just an obvious fact. A lot of times we don’t want to acknowledge that but it is good to get away from everything and just be alone for a time. When you have a supportive partner that can come in the form of them going to have their nails done while you have the kids and trading off so that you can do something you want to do. I say this knowing full well that often times I don’t get that myself and instead I put what I want aside. It is about finding balance in this type of action because we still have responsibilities such as family, work and other outside influences but we do need alone time. It allows us to center ourselves and focus on the important pictures and long goals instead of the daily trappings we tend to get caught up in.

Jesus Did It

Jesus spent time alone many times to pray (Luke 5:16) and we should to. My morning and evening commute is roughly 90 minutes total. I use that time to start and end my work day with prayer first and then I crank up music, sing like a mule and don’t care what someone at the stoplight may think about it. We should seek alone time with the Father. It is not like he is not there, he always is. Waiting to wrap us in His abundance of love and allow us to recharge in His presence. Time with God is cherished and always beneficial but we spend so little of our time with Him because of life. I have to make the intentional effort to be better at praying to Him. That’s the only true way to improve that, be intentional.

Final Thoughts

Often times we think we wait for God to reach out to us but it is so much the reverse. He is there, waiting for us to open our eyes and reach out to Him. Even when we may be alone physically or maybe we are in a dark place in our life. He is that voice whispering that you are enough. Get alone. Get on your knees. Reach up to Him and let Him recharge you. Even when we are alone we are really by His side and He is there, hand upon our head encouraging His children to grow.

Daily Devotional – Who Am I? Discover Yourself

Discover Yourself

This is what the Lord says – He who created you, Jacob, He who formed you, Israel; “Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are Mine.” – Isaiah 43:1

This kind of question is right up my alley. I spend a lot of time in reflection, examining what I have done so that I can improve my future. Let me be clear on this, there is a distinct difference between reflecting for improvement versus clinging to a mistake because you spent a lot of time making it. We should see our salvation as a catalyst for doing more than just changing our status in God’s eyes. It should show us how to discover who we are as a person and in Christ.


I think that I have learned enough about myself to give you some advice on self-discovery. I know exactly who I am. This is going to be secular advice that will lead into why it is important in a non-secular manner! Understanding who you are is going to help you communicate better in showing the love of Jesus. How you discover who you are can vary based on your actual desire to and the life you’ve lived. I have a penchant for doing everything the hard way. So finding myself was a 10 year journey into depression, overeating, lying and being someone I wasn’t just to fit in. That needed to change, I had nephews and siblings that I wanted to see grow up. My sister had married, my brother had married. I was the oldest and here I was in my mid-20’s living at home eating myself to death. I wanted to see them grow up and I wanted to be there for them, all of them.

Like many lost or wandering souls I turned to God, after I had basically pushed Him away and did what I wanted I came back. Then I came across Psalm 40:1-3 and I had been asking what can I do, what can I change, what more do I need to be better. God answered me there and gave me hope. I would’t be perfect, I know I can’t be but He told me I was enough. I was enough. My sister had a gastric bypass and so then I worked towards having one done. I began eating better before hand and had dropped almost 50 lbs before I had went to see the surgeon and jump through the hoops to get everything done. I still was doing a lot of the things I probably shouldn’t, my language was not great among other things but I was trying and while I didn’t go to church I read the bible on my phone or tablet. Eventually I had the surgery and I lost a lot of weight. I learned a lot about myself in that time because philosophy is a hobby of mine. I came to learn some of my fears, my flaws and my strengths. I was an entirely different person. Who people know me as today was not who I was 3-5 years ago.

It took a lot for me to understand who I am and honestly, I think that in tragedy we do learn the truth. Being honest with ourselves is the hardest thing you can do (Psalm 51:6) on the road to self discovery. Like lots of other step programs admitting the truest facts are the first steps needed to restoration of the former person. It is a hard road to discover yourself but you can do it. It will increase your understanding of how things were, how they are and help you see what you can do for the future.


How you view yourself is going to affect your testimony in Christ. If you are an introverted person it may be harder for you to be a witness to God’s work because you have a natural reluctance to reigning in your actions and emotions. Think about this though, David danced in glory of the Lord and sang His praises because of something God gives to us. The Holy Spirit. The Bible instructs us to use the Spirit to reach out to others (2 Timothy 1:7) not fear them. Yes, that is easier said than done but remember, God wants us to grow and we grow by reaching outside of our comfort zone and learning new things. We should let that light increase and touch other lives so that they know the joy we have in the security of salvation.

Discover Who I Am

I am a Child of God. I’m also a father, soon to be a husband, an uncle, a brother, a son. I have many titles and I have many obligations. They all make me up a part of who I am. I’m a man who has made mistakes and I have made some pretty awesome triumphs. I have been a liar, I have been a misogynist, I have been a terrible cook. That stuff doesn’t define me in the way I see myself today. They are chapters to my life, secrets I keep between God and myself. It is also things I have let go. I don’t get it right all the time and God doesn’t expect me to.

It is interesting that this devotional came up today. I was speaking with some co-workers and one brought up what Maya Angelou had said, “You are enough.” It made me think back to my experiences and then I open my devotional tonight and here is this devotion telling me that I am a child of the Most High God. I am important and precious to Him. I have a purpose in this life and I am enough. Yes, I am enough for God, that makes me enough for myself, for those I love and those who may scorn me. Thank you Jesus, thank you for the tears and the heartaches. Thank you for the times that were rough and you let me dwell in them so that when I was ready to spread the word it would burn through me like a wildfire and maybe just maybe reach someone needing it. Someone who may be hurting.

I am enough.

They are enough.

You, God, our portion, are more than enough.

Daily Devotional – Scary Shadows


What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us? – Romans 8:31

I can remember being a child sometimes and in those moments I remember some of my fears that are now just amusing and down right silly. Especially of shadows. I hated going in to the basement as a kid because I watched a lot of horror movies. Totally cool until the movie is over and you’re home alone. That fear comes from the idea that I didn’t think I was in a safe place even though I really was. It’s like that now, with God. See, I can scare myself with shadows, these what-ifs and maybes because I doubt in His plan for me sometime.

Faith in the Shadows

God is light and the devil flees from his brilliance. I think that for me, a mantra like that reminds me that no matter the problem, no matter the difficulties that lie ahead if I can keep my focus on God then he promises to see me through. He is the Father and one of the primary duties of a father is to protect his children. When I was little and afraid it was because my faith in the protection my mother and father had given me was foundering. Not because they were poor parents, in fact I have been blessed with amazing parents! It was from my lack of faith in them because I was allowing fear to supersede my knowledge of protection. I know that God is my portion and that it is fulfilling beyond measure but I am human, I fail, I doubt. He loves me anyway. It’s what a Father does. No matter how truant a youth may be his hand is there to hold and lead you and I from the darkness.

Become a Shadow-chaser

This just popped in to my head while writing but why can we not help chase the shadows away? God’s light is within us, it is given to us when we acknowledge there is no higher power than He. We can use that to help lead others from the shadows in to the light. This does not mean we are giving the lost salvation but instead guiding them to Jesus. The shadows retreat within the soul. God’s hand is what chases that away, no man can do this thing but Jesus.

Final Thoughts

All of this reminds me of a favorite song, “God’s Gonna Cut You Down”

[su_quote]Well you may throw your rock and hide your hand
Workin in the dark against your fellow man
But as sure as God made black and white
Whats done in the dark will be brought to the light[/su_quote]

It is a warning to sinners. While we are repentant as Christians it should be a warning to us that no matter what we do, seen or unseen, God knows. The shadows aren’t nearly as scary as the disappointment of the Father in his children who wander. God is forgiving, the shadows, are not.

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